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Yet the report had a modicum of Jewish vision, speaking of the need to educate the youth in the Jewish tradition. One result was the emergence of the Sydney rabbinate as both a direct and an indirect offshoot of the German rabbinate. But first we must record the arrival in 1835 of the first “minister”, Reverend (the title was a mere courtesy) Michael Rose. He had enough Hebrew to lead basic prayers, though he could neither preach nor teach, and the shipping records call him a dealer. He stayed in Australia from 1835 to 1838, when he moved on to Madras, India. Melbourne, with a congregation founded in 1841, fared better under the leadership of Asher Hymen Hart, a knowledgeable layman who even came with a Jewish library, though his books were destroyed in a fire. Like Michael Rose, Hart was reader rather than rabbi, but he clearly had more Hebraic competence than Rose. He was both president and spiritual leader of the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation. He made money in Australia and retired to London in 1854.

After Solomon Hirschell’s death in 1842,[4] the new chief rabbi of London was a German Rabbiner from Hanover, Nathan Marcus Adler , the first British chief rabbi to hold a university degree.[5] Hirschell had been colloquially known as “Doctor” but the title was imaginary: he had neither a university education nor much secular knowledge, and though born in London during the rabbinic incumbency of his father Hart Lyon (Hirschel Levin) , who was later rabbi of Berlin, Hirschell could hardly speak English, and when he preached it was generally in Yiddish.

One of Adler’s early initiatives was a questionnaire, sent to congregations throughout the British Empire, followed by regulations to govern synagogue procedures. At the same time, even before creating Jews’ College in 1855 as a day school and ministers’ training college, Adler determined that ministers must be competent not only to officiate but to preach and be spiritual leaders. His philosophy would today be called modern orthodoxy; this policy set the tone for Judaism in all British countries, though today the communal religious spectrum is much broader.

Adler supported neither the radicalism of German reform nor Moses Sofer’s ultra-orthodox rejection of modernity.[6] More diplomatic than his predecessor, he engaged in active polemics with the reform synagogue established in 1841 by dissenters who mostly emanated from the London Sephardi community.

He recommended to Australia another Rabbiner , Sam Edelman Kinzey 2 JoykTukDw
, formerly of the Hambro’ Synagogue in the City of London. Hoelzel might have become the Adler of Australian Jewry had he lasted. But he was an egotist, and he had a fragile relationship with his congregation in Hobart, Tasmania, and subsequently at the York Street Synagogue in Sydney.

It took Hobart and Sydney many years to get over the Hoelzel experience. Hobart never again had a minister who was a university graduate, not for ideological reasons but because the congregation dwindled and nearly died. Long afterwards they did briefly have a minister with a German background, Rev. George Ruben, but that was because it was a time of German refugee immigration and some of those who revived the congregation were themselves refugees from Germany.

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Liberale Romandie, radikale Deutschschweiz? Kantonale Demokratien zwischen Repräsentation und Partizipation

Universität Bern

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KorkEase Balsa lE8b8t
First published: 18 June 2013
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Cited by: 4

Der vorliegende Beitrag untersucht die weit verbreitete These, dass Deutschschweizer Kantone vor allem radikaldemokratische Merkmale aufweisen, während die lateinischen Kantone stärker liberal‐repräsentative Demokratieformen besitzen. Die empirische und mehrdimensionale Messung der Demokratiequalität in den Kantonen zeigt, dass die pauschale These der direktdemokratisch‐partizipatorischen Deutschschweizer Kantone auf der einen Seite und der repräsentativdemokratischen Stände der lateinischen Schweiz auf der anderen Seite der Komplexität der kantonalen Demokratien nicht gerecht wird. Als erklärungskräftige Alternative für die Positionen der Kantone auf den Achsen liberaler und radikaler Demokratien an der Schwelle des 21. Jahrhunderts erweist sich vielmehr die Stärke der liberalen und demokratischen Verfassungsbewegungen in den Kantonen Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts.

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Volume 19 , Issue 2

June 2013

Pages 157-188




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Let’s write a simple migration that populates our new name field with the combined values of first_name and last_name (we’ve come to our senses and realized that not everyone has first and last names). All we need to do is use the historical model and iterate over the rows:

Once that’s done, we can just run python migrate as normal and the data migration will run in place alongside other migrations.

You can pass a second callable to RunPython to run whatever logic you want executed when migrating backwards. If this callable is omitted, migrating backwards will raise an exception.

When writing a RunPython function that uses models from apps other than the one in which the migration is located, the migration’s dependencies attribute should include the latest migration of each app that is involved, otherwise you may get an error similar to: LookupError: No installed app with label 'myappname' when you try to retrieve the model in the RunPython function using apps.get_model() .

In the following example, we have a migration in app1 which needs to use models in app2 . We aren’t concerned with the details of move_m1 other than the fact it will need to access models from both apps. Therefore we’ve added a dependency that specifies the last migration of app2 :

More advanced migrations

If you’re interested in the more advanced migration operations, or want to be able to write your own, see the J/Slides Accent rWZM3
and the “how-to” on writing migrations .

You are encouraged to make migrations freely and not worry about how many you have; the migration code is optimized to deal with hundreds at a time without much slowdown. However, eventually you will want to move back from having several hundred migrations to just a few, and that’s where squashing comes in.

Squashing is the act of reducing an existing set of many migrations down to one (or sometimes a few) migrations which still represent the same changes.

Django does this by taking all of your existing migrations, extracting their Operation s and putting them all in sequence, and then running an optimizer over them to try and reduce the length of the list - for example, it knows that CreateModel and KorkEase Ava YgKC1R8V
cancel each other out, and it knows that AddField can be rolled into CreateModel .



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